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Nearly all of us know what to do around optimal lifestyle choices as they pertain to nutrition and exercise, but very few of us do what we know.


We will work together to implement patterns of empowerment to drive a state of vitality and health you deserve. Busy lifestyles, stress, easy access to the wrong foods, exposure to toxic chemicals, and a diminished quality of our food supply require that we take control and actively pursue the health, energy and vitality we all desire and deserve now.

Scientific principles

Medically safe

Personalized and effective

Outcomes-based program

Manipulating your metabolism to burn fat


Stay away from simple processed sugar and junk food

To burn fat as fuel, cut out sugar and lower your heart rate. We store a very limited amount of carbohydrate in our bodies. Compare this with a relatively unlimited supply of fat … 87 percent of your body’s total available calories are fat.

When you use more fat, you generate more energy and your carbohydrate supply lasts longer. When you teach your body to rely on fat, your combustion of carbs goes down, and so does your carb cravings. Think of your body as a furnace. Fill it with slow-burning logs and it will run smooth and strong for hours. But fill it with paper and it will burn hot, and die out until it’s fed again.

Science-based approach to weight loss/ Focus on empowering patterns/Mind-body connection


The program employs fundamentally sound scientific and medical principles toward healthy weight loss. These include identifying the causative reasons for your weight gain, and changing your nutritional profile and exercise routine to ensure the requisite outcome.  Changing your lifestyle and the choices you make to ensure lasting weight loss is the real goal of this program - and this occurs by integrating new rituals and habits. 


Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops


My primary focus is to work with you to provide the highest quality consultative services personalized for your unique needs toward fulfilment and excellence - in every aspect of your life. I offer several different consultative packages to give you maximum flexibility - and depending on what you're trying to achieve. I see people in on a one-on-one basis, in small groups, and I give talks and workshops to large audiences.


Consultations generally are in my office, but I also conduct sessions with people all over the world through videoconference or over the phone.  Our first session is typically 50 minutes to an hour, where we will both learn more about you and what you would like from our work together - to determine precisely what success ultimately looks like - and establish the best way for us to move forward.


Based on pure scientific research and empirical evidence, this weight loss program has been created as a philosophy that can guide you to a healthy way of eating for weight loss and staying thin for life. Three straightforward principles define the philosophy, and they're your key to changing your relationship with food and achieving permanent weight loss and an enhanced quality of life.

Achieving and maintaining a more normalized lifestyle is something you do as part of your life - a philosophy for a lifetime. No more advertising your weight loss problem with special instructions to the waiter; no more avoiding dessert. You can live your life according to your tastes, needs, and desires and still make the choices that will lead to optimized weight loss. Put it all together, and it looks like this: You achieve long term weight loss by changing your relationship with food, and by changing your lifestyle. You change your relationship with food not through deprivation, but by expanding your eating options - and enhancing your exercise patterns. Then you choose the option that is lowest in calories, the most nutritious, and the tastiest, and eat till you're satisfied.

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