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The Power to Choose

 - who we are and what we're becoming!

The path to fulfillment and happiness is paved with the concrete that is empowerment - and that, in turn is forged through an amalgam of self awareness, honest introspection, commitment to deliberate and intentional outcomes, and accountability. Taking responsibility for the choices we make allows us to be in complete command of our lives. We, and we alone, get to choose our state of mind and our physical state of being. 

And that choice is exquisitely simple: like going into one of two rooms, we can’t go into both at the same time. The emotional quality of our lives defines the quality of our world. We get to choose a state of love and affirmation or we choose fear and uncertainty - and of course, we get to bear the consequences that follow.


The foundation of my practice rests on empowering you, the individual. My mission is to facilitate the development, cultivation and realization of your highest potential. ​I offer an array of individually tailored services developed around the unique psychophysiological principle integrating cognition, awareness and mindfulness with ownership and responsibility to unleash the inalienable potential that resides within each of us.  Achieving your full potential – and leveraging that potential toward future prosperity – requires the fusion of three elements: know-how, planning, and the combination of disciplined and committed consistency and continuous in the choices that lead to patterns of behavior and ultimately improved outcomes. My primary expertise comprises empowering my clients with access to key tools that will facilitate developing these core elements.


As its name suggests, psychophysiology is that branch of medicine that studies and explores the connection between mind and body as a more comprehensive and meaningful approach to understand and ultimately induce optimal function.

A psychophysiological approach to exploring how we make the decisions we do – and in turn our patterns of behavior – allows us to have far greater command of those choices and outcomes. The foundation of meaning and fulfillment rests on the interaction between our physical and psychological states, our language and our belief system – these are all practiced, and we get into habits and patterns for these choices.

So, we’re all getting good at something – sometimes mindlessly and unintentionally, like overeating and become more sedentary – and our minds, bodies, values and beliefs merely adapt to what we’re putting them through.

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