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The fundamental principles in taking control of our lives extend to how we manage our relationships with other people - the most significant are our spouses. Dr Speechly's work with couples goes above and beyond traditional couples’ counseling to resolve the seemingly unresolvable. A focus is to help you face what is currently stifling your relationship, from fears, anger, unsaids and resentments, so that you both can to your core understand what it is currently in your way and design a resolution together.


Our honest and straightforward approach gets to the heart of what is really at play in your relationship so that you can both be heard, understood and respected. These sessions will expand your understanding of yourself and each other and forever alter the dynamic the two of you share.

Many times I find myself working with only one part of the relationship where the other person is not making any effort to save the marriage? Are you wondering if it’s possible to get your partner to fall back in love with you?

The good news is that one committed partner can make a huge difference in a relationship. But, you’ve got to do it right. Most people trying to save their marriage make mistakes that end up pushing their loved one farther away from them rather than winning them back.


Many of these techniques include:

1. Getting started on the right track - get back in touch with loving feelings you have about your spouse and learn ground rules for the relationship.

2. The secret of happily married couples. The most important thing that you can do to feel more deeply in love and truly enjoy each other again.

3. Effective communication with each other. You’ll learn what you can do to connect and how to feel truly understood.

4. Conflict resolution with confidence and end the fighting in your relationship. Not sure how to have a difficult conversation?

5. You’ll get on the same page about money and how to work together as a team to achieve your dreams.

6. How to stop nagging and stop resentment and have peace in your home.

7. How to move back toward sex and intimacy

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