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Dr David Speechly has been practicing the science of personal growth, fulfillment, excellence and vitality for 28 years on 3 continents with a wide diversity of patients and clients across the world. He is an internationally recognized researcher, educator, clinician and author in the field of empowerment as a means of enabling a person to take complete command and responsibility of their choices to drive optimal outcomes as they pertain to healthy nutrition, appetite control, and exercise and peak performance.


He incorporates the fundamentals of mindfulness, awareness and cognizance into the principles of empowerment to ultimately yield more effective behavioral patterns. Within this paradigm, he specializes in the following areas:

- Personal growth

- Physical transformation & weight loss

- Conflict resolution

- Relationship repair and rehabilitation

- Self-esteem and confidence

- High profile individuals such as professional athletes and entertainers adapt to consistency, discipline to optimize peak performance.

With a PhD in Medicine that explored the connection between the physiology and psychology of appetite control and energy regulation, and with three additional postgraduate degrees (two in physiology and an MBA), coupled with his experience of working with, and for, NYSE- and Nasdaq-listed companies, Dr David Speechly is ideally qualified to work with a diverse set of individuals and teams with different needs and optimizing peak performance in these highly person-, and situation-specific outcomes.

His training and experience allow a unique perspective and understanding of how emotions and psychological state constantly interact with our physical function, and in turn, how these impact and determine how we make choices and ultimately, our behavioral patterns that lead to outcomes in our lives.  


This is where David Speechly is different and his approach to managing tension and bad decisions in people allows him to deliver optimal outcomes and peak performance.

Dr David Speechly has risen to international prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness. It is a message he has molded through a mix of his education and broad and diverse life/work experiences. This unique perspective has allowed him to develop a powerful approach that has helped empower thousands of people – enabling them to live fuller, healthier, happier, and more meaningful lives.


​As such, Dr Speechly hosts frequent seminars and workshops in the areas of personal growth and physical excellence. He frequently gives keynote speeches to companies and at galas and social events.


He is a competitive cyclist, and he is also a certified indoor cycling instructor where he combines high intensity exercise with a passion for high quality living.






Ph.D. (Medicine) in Physiology linked to Psychology - Johannesburg, South Africa

M.B.A. - Oxford, United Kingdom

M.Sc. (Medicine) in Exercise Physiology - Johannesburg, South Africa

B.Sc. (Hons) (Medicine) in Exercise Physiology - Cape Town, South Africa

B.Sc. Physiology and Psychology - Johannesburg, South Africa

Professional Memberships

Board-approved member of the American Psychological Association

Member of the Society for Psychophysiological Research

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