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Break-Up and Divorce Recovery


why is it

when the story ends

we begin to feel all of it

– Rupi Kaur


Heal your broken heart and use the pain of loss to fuel positive change


When a relationship ends, we can be left wondering what happened and questioning our sense of self.  You tell yourself to “move on” but can’t stop thinking about the past.  Even when a break-up is mutual, it doesn’t mean that closure will come easily.  Part of grieving is accepting that your story has changed and what you hoped for is no longer possible.


Break-up recovery counseling can help you

  • accept the unavoidable pain of loss

  • learn the skill of intentional grieving that validates your suffering

  • make sense of why the break-up happened and

  • remember who you are without your ex.


When you are ready, we will help you focus on building the life you want to live, remember the things you loved and lost sight of during your relationship, and discover yourself.

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