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The Body you deserve

Science-based approach to weight loss/ Focus on empowering patterns/Mind-body connection


If you’re committed to becoming fit once and for all, you need The Body You Deserve! Dr David Speechly will show you how to apply his breakthrough Neuro-Associative Conditioning technology for permanent and pleasurable weight management that works.


Your daily decisions can either keep you from achieving the body you desire — or create the body you’ve always dreamed of. Now, with Dr Speechly as your personal coach, you can permanently install the values, beliefs and attitudes of a fit person using effective weight loss strategies and see a remarkable difference in your physical and mental well-being within days. It’s time to take the struggle out of weight loss and enjoy a healthier, more vital and trimmer you!


Why do some people struggle with their weight and health issues for years and years, losing and gaining the same ten pounds over and over, while others are able to achieve their goals? How are some people able to start over late in life, becoming more healthy and vibrant than ever before?


In this unique program, you will learn how to break through your obstacles and discover the power to achieve the bodies and the lives that you want. How will we do this? A moment of clarity and authentic decision triggered the authentic inner change necessary for real, lasting transformation.


The same forces that keep you overweight and unhealthy are also keeping you unhappy and unfulfilled. Through our coaching, you will break through lifelong limitations and achieve the optimum health and life goals you desire. The vast majority of my clients maintain the life changes and weight loss years later, and more importantly are happier and more fulfilled than they had ever thought possible.


If you’re ever tried a weight loss, diet, or exercise program before, you’re in for a big surprise, because this is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Here you won’t find the usual talk about diet, calories, nutrition or exercise. In this program, you’ll get at something that’s even deeper, something that’s at the very root of your health and vitality, something that controls not only your health but every area and detail of your life.


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