It’s time to step into your greatness – toward the most empowered and effective person you can be.  My sole purpose is to create a ripple effect of fulfillment, excellence and vitality throughout your life – your body, your emotions, your relationships, your career and your world, and beyond.


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Without our health, nothing else matters.

Yet in a time of daily distractions and constant demands, we often neglect what we know is most important, only to regret our decisions when our rushed lifestyles catch up with our neglected health.


We will work together to implement patterns of empowerment to drive a state of vitality and health you deserve. Busy lifestyles, stress, easy access to the wrong foods, exposure to toxic chemicals, and a diminished quality of our food supply require that we take control and actively pursue the health, energy and vitality we all desire and deserve now.

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What good is having powerful goals if you don’t have the energy to carry them out? I will teach you how to adopt a set of simple, enjoyable and powerful principles to create a physically vital life, one where you’ll reignite the passion in your physical relationships and access the energy required to take your career and finances to the next level. Awaken after 6 or 7 hours of sleep with greater energy than you’ve ever dreamed of before!


You will learn and immediately apply specific steps to dramatically increase your energy levels.  We will finesse effective nutritional and psychological strategies to bolster your immune system and improve your health. It’s time to take charge and seize the optimum health and energy you deserve now!


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There are numerous professionals available to guide you - but very few who have a PhD in the psychophysiology of human function and a specialization in peak performance.

After being referred to me by your doctor, or hearing about me from your friends, or after reviewing these pages and you think we'll gel, then we should talk.


Seriously we should, because I can almost certainly help and probably a lot quicker than you imagine.


in #1: you!


The word ‘investment’ gets bandied about a lot by people trying to sell you things, yet rarely outside the world of financial institutions and antiquities is anything a true investment.


Life Coaching is an exception because coaching is an investment in your most precious resource, you!!




Dr David P. Speechly

A journey can be said to be a trip from one place to another or it can also be defined as a gradual passing from one state to another like advancing from innocence to mature awareness. I like to think of my journey as training for joy - and of course every journey needs a guide - someone who will direct or have an influence on the course of action you will undertake throughout your journey - my guide is David Speechly -


Dianne Glynn - Danville, CA

David is Amazing!!!! I can't say enough great things about him! He has taught so many of us how to have a purpose in life!! Thru the journey with his constant contact you will fulfill those dreams you have always wanted!  He has forever changed mine and so many of my friends lives!!! We are forever grateful for you David!!!


JJ - Danville, CA




David understands weight loss issues better than anyone, hands down. A positive, authentic, passionate, motivating, inspiring and wonderful man. You will leave ever interaction with him inspired!  He will be famous nation wide one day, mark my words!!  Agree 5 stars isn't enough.


Christa S - Alamo, CA


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