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Multi-Session Packages 

Multi-Session Packages offer valuable discounts to individuals and couples who are ready to commit to meaningful transformation and could benefit from a more affordable way to do so.

Why Would You Want to Sign Up for Multi-Session Packages? 

By prepaying for a 4 or 10 session package, you will receive a few valuable benefits:

  • A reduced session fee with added support with each

  • The ability to lock in your preferred time slot for the duration of your package 

  • The power of knowing you are taking a committed and measurable step towards change.  

How Can You Know if a Multi-Session Packages is Right for You?

To know if Multi-Session Packages will would work for you, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Do you want to reserve a specific day and time for your sessions? 

  2. Could you benefit from scheduling several of your appointments in advance? 

  3. Are you committed to the transformation process and ready to see change happen?

What is the Discount for a Multi-Session Package?

The discount for the multi-session is applied to session fee, and depending on which package you choose.


Physical transformation Packages

4 x 30 minute sessions (all within 4 weeks) with ongoing texting support: $550

10 session package (all within 10 weeks)

If you choose the 10 session package, you will receive $25 off each session fee. Your upfront fee will be $2,000, which is a $250 reduction.


Please note, multi-Session packages are not available for purchases until after the initial consultation. This includes the initial couples session as well as the subsequent one time individual session for both partners.


The Fine Print 

All fees are paid upfront and there are No Refunds. Cancellations are not refundable and will count towards your total sessions. You have the ability to reschedule your appointments within the same week with no penalty, but cannot cancel or roll over unused appointments. Not available until after the initial intake session(s). 

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