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Empowering patterns/Management Skills to sustain focus/Goals and measuring success/Peak performance/Confidence & conviction

Actors face a unique set of challenges and advantages. No matter what level a career is at, uncertainty, rejection, judgment and disappointment are all part of being an actor.  Happiness is often placed in the hands of what happens out there, yet the truth is circumstances are only 10% responsible for our happiness, 50% is genetics, and a whopping 40% is in our own hands. It turns out, happiness is very much an inside job.


Being Generally happy and fulfilled is absolutely essential to the success and longevity of an actor's career. Find out how you can tap into your own joy and create a successful career because of it.


Have you been fighting your own succcess and happiness?

In private coaching sessions you will have one-on-one laser-focused attention on your unique needs and goals. No two coaching journeys are alike, yet there are proven processes for positive change that we will move through:


Where are you now?
You will be challenged to recognize where you are in your career and life in general right now. This is often a surprisingly enlightening experience as you expand an awareness of yourself and what you have been creating.


Where do you want to be?
I will then help you become clearer about what you really want out of your life, your relationships, and career. Our goals are very often a distant, rather vague idea that seems somehow unattainable. With poweful inquiry you get to know your own values and what is truly important to you so that you can create a more robust and congruent vision of your future. Goals are then far easier to create and attain.


What has been stopping you?
This is where you find new clarity and a deeper understanding of what has been stopping you from getting where you want to go. You discover the fears and habits that have served you and those that have been holding you back. The blocks are then reframed, resolved, or dismantled and new, more resourceful beliefs, thoughts, behaviors and states are anchored into your system. This opens up the pathway to the future you want.


How will you get there?
I then partner with you to create powerful new ideas and perspectives, guiding you through solid, do-able planning and goal setting, with the resources—internally and externally—that will make your vision come to life. You begin to live out the life you want with renewed confidence, direction, and empowerment.


The results?
With Dr David Speechly, we go deeper than just career coaching or marketing training. We get to the core of the matter. With a solid foundation in place your goals become easy to fulfil and practical steps start falling into place. No more fighting your own success!

Dr Speechly helps you become more powerful, inspired, and successful — from the inside out.


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